Australian Early Medieval Association

Conference - Announcing aema16–Eruption

The 2021 International "Hybrid" Conference of the Australian Early Medieval Association

Eruption / Disruption / Interruption

Australia (and throughout the world) 1-2 October 2021 

Call for papers

As we continue to process the impact of COVID-19 on global and local societies, the jury is still out on whether the eruption of a global pandemic, and the subsequent disruptions and interruptions to contemporary routines, are a ‘game-changer’ or an inconvenience. The 2021 AEMA conference reflects on this tension in an early medieval context. Eruptions can be understood in many different ways, as they can describe both natural phenomena and human activity, including the sudden appearance of new movements, of groups of people, or of ideas. Were eruptions revolutionary? Or were they merely a disruption or interruption to the longue durée?

This conference calls for papers that relate to this theme, or, in the spirit of the theme, that do not.

All sessions will include time for questions and general discussion. Please send proposals (150–200 words per paper), along with author’s name, paper/panel/RT title, and academic affiliation (if any) to by 31 July 2021. Please also direct all other enquiries about the conference to this address, as well as any nominations for hosting an in-person hub.


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