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aema15–Journeys: Discovery and Belonging

The Fifteenth International Conference of the Australian Early Medieval Association

30 September–2 October 2020 | University of Western Australia, Perth


In 2020, the annual conference will take place at the picturesque campus of the University of Western Australia in Perth. AEMA15 starts with a public lecture and reception for registrants on the evening of Wednesday September 30. Invited plenary speakers: Professor Dáibhí Ó Cróinín (History, NUI Galway, retired) and Dr Victoria Flood (English, University of Birmingham).


The conference will run from October 1-2, and will include a Masterclass for postgraduates and early career researchers on the afternoon of October 2. AEMA15 will be followed by a joint conference of the Perth Medieval and Renaissance Group and Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies, October 3-4.


The theme for the AEMA conference is Journeys: Discovery and Belonging. The period we study was marked by the disintegration of established political and social orders, widespread migrations and incursions, and rising competition between religious ideologies. Developing forms of inter-cultural contact and exchange gave rise to new ways of conceptualising and articulating identity and alterity. While new boundaries – physical and ideational – were established, all boundaries remained porous. People, objects and ideas continued to circulate, to take journeys. How did existing communities and new migrants adapt to, or resist, each other? How were institutions modified to include, accommodate or exclude new worldviews? What was the role of material culture in holding fast to the old, and in legitimising and promoting new polities, new ethnicities, and new ideologies? How did cross-cultural contacts in the early medieval period shape history? It is hoped that participants will take advantage of the back-to-back conferences to explore new networks and different approaches. The theme for the PMRG/Limina conference is Adaptations in the Humanities: Reimagining the Past, Present and Future. Our knowledge of the world – imagined, experienced, or learned – is constantly in flux. As humans, we change, adapt, and mould the environments around us, the knowledge systems we use, and the items we create. Adaptation can be forced through the presentation of an obstacle, or it can occur symbiotically within a group. 

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Conference convenors:

Andrew Lynch

Georgina Pitt

Rosemary Atwell


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The 2020 AEMA Conference = AEMA15 : 30 September–2 October 2020

University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia